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After a program of damp treatment or damp proofing it is often necessary to remove sections of contaminated plaster-work and decoration, and replace it with specialist replastering. This is particularly important if your damp problems were related to rising damp. At Damp 2 Dry Solutions our experts understand damp and can asses which areas of your walls will require replastering. Replastering can be messy, disruptive and intrusive so we always aim to minimise this however it is important that this work is completed correctly. Replasting is often unavoidable if you want a dry home without future damage to decoration. We never forget that it is your home and we always discuss all aspects of a project fully with you and schedule work when it is convenient to you or the residents of your property.

Why Replaster?

replasteringMost people do not want to replaster and often it is not necessary. It is important to understand why replastering is important and to asses when and where it is needed and when it can be avoided. Rising damp carries water soluble ground salts up into walls and plasterwork were they are deposited as the damp walls dry out. These salts in the masonry and plasterwork of walls can cause various problems. Some of these salts are hydroscopic which means they continue to absorb water from the atmosphere in the room and hold moisture in the wall so even when successful damp proofing work has been completed walls remain damp and wet. In addition, even in relatively low quantities, these salts can cause spoiling to certain types of decoration. So the removal of plaster that is contaminated with slats from rising damp is important but this only removes the contamination at the surface. Further more damp walls can take a long time to dry out (up to 12 months plus).

Appropriate replastering is important and serves two purposes:

  • Prevents residual moisture, deeper in the wall reaching the surface decoration
  • Prevents any residual contaminant salts passing to the new surfaces from the underlying masonry.

Redecoration after Damp Proofing and Replastering

After all the problems damp can cause we realise that home owners and landlords are anxious to get a newly damp proofed property redecorated and back to normal. However damp walls can take time to dry out (approximately 1 month for every 25mm of wall thickness). An average 230mm thick wall will take approximately 9 months to dry depending on conditions, ventilation and the type of masonry. With Damp 2 Dry Solutions our patented methods do help to accelerate this process but we do offer the following advice when redecorating after damp proofing and replastering:

  • Delay any decoration for 4-6 weeks following replastering and allow for good natural ventilation to enhance drying
  • Do not apply heat or accelerated drying methods
  • Do not use wallpaper for at least 12 months (longer on thick walls)
  • Redecorate using a non vinyl based emulsion
  • Maintain good ventilation around walls
  • The initial decorations should be regarded as temporary
  • It is advised to leave final decoration for at least 12 months after completion of the damp proofing and ancillary work

Other Repairs Following Damp Treatment

Other remedial work may be necessary after damp treatment if a building has been suffering from a serious prolonged damp problem including removal and replacement of skirting boards and repairs to structural timber damaged by dry rot or woodworm. Our experts will advise you on the best course of action according to your requirements and naturally all of this can be included in our proposed solution and quote.

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