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There are many systems on the market for basement waterpoofing and managing damp in cellars, requirements for such systems vary depending on your property and location. Damp 2 Dry Solutions are experts in basement waterproofing and managing damp in building. Using our many years of experience we can offer a cost effective and guaranteed solution that is correct for you and your property.

Is a Basement Waterproofing System Really Necessary?

basement waterproofingFrequently underground spaces are converted into habitable rooms with inadequate consideration given to the waterproofing and drainage issues.  Rooms built partially or completely below ground level such as basements invariably need some kind of waterproofing system. Water and damp from the surrounding soil can seep in through any unprotected walls or floors below ground. It is also important to consider where ground water is likely to build up and if the water table may rise. This can lead to hydrostatic pressure being exerted underneath the floor and against the walls of your basement. Hydrostatic pressure forces water into cracks and in extreme cases this can cause buckling of walls and may lead to structural damage.

Is Waterproofing my Basement Affordable and Will it Work?

Basement Damp ProofingPerformance of older basement waterproofing systems varies and they can be compromised over time or due to lack of maintenance. Many people simply accept that their basement will always be a colder damper part of the house but this does not have to be so. Modern more technically advanced basement waterproofing systems offer higher performance at surprisingly affordable prices.

Your Trusted Experts in Basement Waterproofing Nearby

To get expert advice on waterproofing your basement book a no-obligation survey – just fill in the form and we’ll contact you to arrange an appointment. Our experts can asses your basement and any damp related problems and discuss guaranteed solutions. We will also provide you with a no-obligation quote for completing the work.

If you would like to speak to a Damp 2 Dry Solutions expert, call 01606-872-691.

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